General FAQs

Below you will find answers to many common questions. To see our rental FAQs, click here.

What happens to my personal information when I register online?
If I bought my instrument somewhere else, can I still trade it in at Potter's?
Can we take instruments to show my son's or daughter's teacher?
Do I need an appointment to see instruments at Potter's?
Do you offer financing?
My son/daughter is no longer playing. Will Potter's buy back their instrument?
Are there special instructions for shipping instruments to Potter's?
What do I do when I have to ship my instrument?
What is the shipping address?
Are new instruments better than used ones?
What about online "deals" and flea market fiddles?
What do I do first?
What instrument do you recommend for a player who expects to be a performance major at a conservatory?
What instrument do you recommend for the player who expects to be an education major?
What instrument do you recommend for an advanced amateur who loves to play music but who plans to earn a living in a different field?
Do you have any additional questions?