Our highly experienced luthiers perform bowed string instrument repairs to exacting standards using the highest quality parts and time-tested techniques, learned in the top violin making schools in the country.

Our dedicated staff of professional instrument technicians uses the same high-quality bridges, strings and bow hair on all of our fine instruments. We can also advise you how to get the sound you are looking for from your instrument. Just bring it in for a free inspection whenever you like. (Please let us know in advance so we won’t have to keep you waiting.)

Instrument Parts
All non-installed instrument parts may be returned within 21 days of purchase. Installed instrument parts are not returnable unless defective; however, the defective parts may be returned within 21 days of installation, for replacement only.

Types of Repairs

General Instrument Maintenance & Repair
Bridge Adjustments
Soundpost Adjustments
Bow Repair

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